About maxiHooks - fender Hooks by fendquip


Fendequip was formed in 2004 and now is an established company with an outstanding reputation for high-quality fender hooks and mooring products amongst Yachts, Captains, Boat-builders, Re-fit yards and OEM’s.

We have a worldwide network of Service Centres, Dealers and Distributors who supply the trade and chandlers our complete product ranges. Fendequip products are often specifically asked for and sourced throughout the industry.

This is a true testament to our Quality, Service, and Core business values.

Fendequip designs and manufactures its products in-house at its factory located in the southwest of England. Our in-house experience and expertise are unmatched with a combined workforce experience across all departments of over 55 years. Each department ensures that each product is ‘fit for purpose’ and manufactured using the finest materials to the highest quality.

Today ‘Fendequip’ brands are the leading name in fenderCovers, inflatable fenders (maxiStow) Fender Hooks (maxiHooks) and antiChafe mooring accessories across the world.

We are always looking to expand our network of international service centres, dealers and distributors, and would be pleased to discuss selling opportunities with your trading regions.

Fendequip also produces a wide range of high-quality products including:

You will find full details of the Fendequip range at www.fendequip.com