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fenderhooks warrantyWe offer a FREE two year extended warranty package for all fendequip fenderHooks purchased through any of our Fendequip authorised dealers. maxiHooks components’ are unconditionally guaranteed for one year and protected against manufacturing defects* for two years from date of purchase**.

You can take any fendequip product including – maxiHook fenderhooks, maxiStow inflatable fenders, antiChafe rope protectors or fenderCovers to any of our international authorised dealers for repair, service, accessories or replacements.

This is the best worldwide guarantee offered in the industry on fender hooks and similar products. If a failure occurs during the first year for any reason, we will repair or replace the fender hook at no charge* And if a manufacturing defect on your fenderHook causes failure at any time during the two years after purchase, we will repair or replace the maxiHook fender hook at no charge*.


For full details of our warranty:

fenderHooks warranty




* Proof of purchase required – Shipping costs not included 

You can find full details of other Fendequip products including maxiStow inflatable fenders at www.fendequip.com