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manufacturing fenderhooks for boats

Our fender Hooks are designed and manufactured by hand in the UK using premium sourced materials. A 316 grade stainless steel plate, polished with rounded edges to prevents deck and fenderHook damage, (if they get dropped). They’re covered with chrome tanned leather with a soft sheep wool/skin underside.

Chrome-tanned leather is used as it is a supple and pliable leather, which does not discolour or lose shape as drastically when placed in contact with water. (as vegetable-tanned leather would) Chrome tanned leather also allows us to manufacture fenderHooks in many colours including GREY, BLACK, NAVY, RED, TAN and BURGUNDY which will add individuality to your yacht.

The sheep’s wool used for the underside of every fender hook is of the highest quality in its natural colours white or black (not dyed) conditioned for marine use.

We have designed a polished stainless steel rubbing plate which is individually handmade for each fenderHook. The rubbing plate prevents fender line/rope chafe keeping your fender Hooks always in pristine condition.

The lower stainless steel fairlead is handmade and designed to allow the lower bull’s eye to bolt securely to it, keeping fenderHook design simple and increasing performance.fender Hooks Quote

maxiHooks are designed to specifically fit your yachts handrail and bulwark ensuring a 100% efficiency and topside protection.

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