maxiHook fenderhooks


maxiHook fenderHooks are designed and manufactured by fendequip in their UK factory, and distributed internationally through our network of dealers and distributors. maxiHooks are available to fit any yacht of any style or size; in fact our fendquip fenderHooks are now the the No 1 choice for Captains and Crews of Superyachts, Sailing Yachts and Luxury yachts around the world.

Each hand build fender hook  is bespoke designed made to specifically fit your yachts Bulwark, Capping-rails or Hand-rails, providing ultimate antiChafe protection and prevents damage that fenderlines can do to yachts pristine bulwarks, wooden capping rails etc, as well as allowing fender lines to be easily attached anywhere along the yachts handrails and bulwarks  without the need for unsightly knots

maxiHooks are the first UK designed and manufactured Fender Hooks for worldwide distribution

You can purchase maxiHook fenderhooks from our online store or from one of our many worldwide Dealers or Service Centres in your area.