Tender Whips - maxiHook by Fendequip 100% Manufactured

Tender Whips

Our range of Tender Whips are second to none.

Holding your tender at a safe distance from the main ship, available in three standard sizes weighing up to 4550 KG (10,000lbs) as well as fully customisable whips weighing up to 22700 KG (50,000 lbs) to how you see fit.

Manufactured the same way as our fenderHooks, and maxiHook SUP board brackets using our premium grade leather and shearling sheepskin.

Individually bespoke designed to fit your yacht, you can guarantee that they will suit your yacht requirements perfectly.

We have included a small number of images showing what our hooks are able to do.

For any more information regarding our Tender Whips please feel free to contact us.

100% UK Manufactured