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SUP Board Hooks

SUP Board Hooks efficiently stow and protect your stand up boards on-board.

SUP Board Hooks QuoteStand UP paddle board are an increasingly popular toy to have on-board your yacht. At fendequip we have designed SUP board stowage that allows easy access, efficient,  safe, secure, stowage that also protects the SUP board from accidental damage and stowage damage when not in use.

Manufactured the same way as our fenderHooks, our maxiHook SUP board brackets have a marine quality leather exterior and soft sheep’s shearling underside. Fitted with attachment points allowing shock-cord straps to be added if necessary.

Individually bespoke designed to fit your yachts bulwark, capping /hand rails and your individual SUP board dimensions, you can guarantee that they will suit your yacht requirements perfectly.

100% UK Manufactured

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